The Goodwrench Quest

In September 1999, the magazine, "Chevy High Performance" began a series of articles that described their process of experimenting with the Chevy Goodwrench 350 crate motor.

These articles, written by Jeff Smith, provide valuable insight into the process of adding horsepower to the relatively inexpensive crate motor.

All credit for this article goes to Petersen Publishing, Chevy High Performance, Jeff Smith and the photographer, Ed Taylor. The pages seen here are used with their permission.

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Part 1 (Sep 99)
Initial dyno testing of the Goodwrench motor

Part 2 (Oct 99)
Pocket Ported heads and a new cam

Part 3 (Nov 99)
Testing Aluminum Corvette cylinder heads

Part 4 (Dec 99)
Testing Vortec heads: 384HP!

Part 5 (Jan 00)

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